Panda Mall has a large-scaled underwater world with capability of 8000M, 14,000 international chain supermarkets, 40,000 well-known department stores, 20,000 modern amusement places, thousands of franchise shops, some topical mart-sales and firms offering relax & amusement services, large exhibition halls and international business residence; Panda Mall is truly a multi-functional mall combining shopping, amusement, cate enjoyment, relax, traveling, hotel, commercial business, conference, exhibition and international business residence etc. Panda Mall undertakes not a pure shopping paradise role, but it is even more a real mall for consumption, letting consumers indulge in shopping pleasure at the leisure of time spending on exhibition, international business and entertainment.

Panda Mall covers 65Mu, 480,000©O of construction area, and 360,000©O of which is used for business operation. Its scale will become the one of the top ten comprehensive shopping malls in China when finished, with daily capacity of 300,000 consumers. Panda Mall conducts hundreds of businesses, and it is becoming the largest multi-functional shopping center in the west of China.
The location of Panda Mall is the core district of Chengdu CBD, reputed as ¡°West Wall Street¡±, where focused with financial and commercial activities, including 14 banks, 13 high-class office buildings, 10 hotels and 14 big marketplaces. At present, the offices or sub-sections of world top 500 multinationals located at this area are around numbered 70. Panda Mall possesses unparalleled location; in such a golden area, together with eating, drinking, playing, enjoying, clothes, food, shelter, transport, commerce and finance conveniences, Panda Mall will be optimized in aspects of expected port value, consumer flow, market spreading, capital attracting and the leading performance on regional economic development; and it will accordingly grow to be the mainstay industry in CBD of Chengdu city.
On the east side, it is the 45-width Shuncheng Avenue; Stadium Road is on the south; Donghua Men Road, 45 meters wide, is adjacent to the west; the 20-meter-broad Shangsheng Street is on the north. The area, Panda Mall located at, is converged with 18 lines of public bus, walk street and MTR No.1 constructed under way. The walk system spaced under the ground, on the ground or above in the sky, planned in the Panda Mall project, will facilitates the traffic of people, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles greatly and enhance the performance of gathering & scattering.
In business operation, Panda Mall holds an idea of experience consumption mall for customers instead of a single shopping place. As the fruit of conversion shifting from service economic to experience one, this kind of operation mode put more significance upon people, the people¡¯s feeling in course of consumption, and the interaction between consumers and dealers. Panda Mall set up a long-run partnership with business players, not a relationship between leaser and lessee. The management personnel of Panda Mall is composed of a pool of excellent experts on management; working together with famous professional corporations of operation management, Panda Mall can plan the functional distribution, aid dealers to promote products and provide them with an nice business playfield. The major parts of Panda Mall are not for sale, which pegs the interests both the management personnel and business handlers. This strategic management idea should be more beneficial in a long run.
The local government has established a leading team for the construction and the business invitation of the Panda Mall project, and made policies on favorable taxes. Meanwhile, the involvement of certificate-issuing Qingyang governmental institution will bring convenience to dealers & enterprises in Panda Mall; and the service center of Chengdu CBD also will be an evidence that government regards Panda Mall as mainstay industry.